Runners Raise $25,000 for the BLUE for Kids Program

The training and fundraising efforts of twenty-eight runners paid off on October 11th in Baltimore.  Seven running teams raised more than $25,000 for the UMPS CARE Charities BLUE for Kids program and then competed in the 2008 Baltimore Marathon Team Relay.
Each team carried Build-A-Bear Workshop teddy bears dressed in Major League Baseball team uniforms. Here's how the teams finished.
1st Place ORIOLES
Official Time: 3:58:24
Kevin Conway
Katie Pearl
Erin Coudon
John Petro
2nd Place PIRATES
Official Time: 4:14:57
Carol Chandler
Elaine Sisk
Jerry Ebron
Ken Sisk
3rd Place REDS
Official Time: 4:23:20
Adam Chaikin
Robin Brody
Jeff Scheyer
Samuel Dearth
Official Time: 4:27:32
Rusty Harner
Cassie Hoffman
Gary Laios
Mike Yeager
5th Place YANKEES
Official Time: 4:29:34
Debbie Harner
Susie Douglas
Christine Dearth
Jim Adams
6th Place RED SOX
Official Time: 4:44:05
Matt Cillis
Jeff Reichert
Rachel Coning
Pippin Gilman
7th Place DODGERS
Official Time: 4:46:44
Trevor Albrecht
Betsy Albrecht
Rob Albrecht
Ken Arimitsu

Perhaps only fitting, the home town Orioles finished first among our teams competing in the race.  While John Petro, Katie Pearl, Erin Coudon, and Kevin Conway led the way to the finish line, the real winners are the children who will receive a Build-A-Bear Workshop experience during the 2009 baseball season.
Major League Baseball Umpires would like to thank all runners for their time and effort toward this wonderful cause.  An extra special thanks to:

John Petro for raising more than $2,000, coordinating the pre-race dinner, handling shipment of the stuffed animals, and for supporting this event for the third consecutive year.
Ken Arimitsu, Rob Albrecht, Trevor Albrecht, and Betsy Albrecht for raising more than $7500 as a team.
Pippin Gilman for raising more than $1,500 and for supporting this event for the third consecutive year.
Rusty and Debbie Harner for raising $2,000.
Mike Yeager for signing up seven runners.
Ken and Elaine Sisk for raising more than $1,000.
And to all of the out-of-town runners who covered your own flight, train, hotel, and rental car expenses in order to be a part of a great weekend: Robin Brody, Matt Cillis, Rachel Coning, Chrstine Dearth, Ken Arimitsu, Rob Albrecht, Trevor Albrecht, and Betsy Albrecht.

UmpsCare Ken Arimitsu teamed with Trevor, Rob, and Betsy Albrecht to raise $7,500 for the BLUE for Kids program.