Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Event

When is the event? Monday, August 10, 2009, The Lakes Golf and Country Club, Westerville, Ohio. Everyone tees off at 8:30AM.
How long will it take? Based on past events, you should plan to play for 10 hours.
How can you play 100 holes of golf in one day? It may sound crazy to a lot of people but playing almost six rounds of golf in one day is absolutely possible. We reserve the entire golf course, limit the number of golfers, play multiple golf balls per hole, prepare golf carts for each golfer, and play “ready golf” throughout!
Additional speed-up guidelines for golfers:

  1. Don’t look for a lost ball - grab another one! Count just one stroke.
  2. Keep 2 balls in your pockets at all times.
  3. Let people play through if they are faster.
  4. Consider it a “gimme” if it’s within two feet of the hole.
  5. Hit when ready and get off the green as fast as possible.

How many golfers do you expect? Thirty-six (36) golfers is the maximum field size.
Are meals and beverages provided? Yes. Food and beverages will be provided at no cost to you throughout the event.
What happens if it rains? You will get wet. We golf, rain or shine.
Do we keep score? Yes. Although scoring is not the emphasis of the day, we’ll have various awards and prizes at the end of the day to rewards all types of scoring and fundraising feats! (not just low score and highest individual fundraiser)
Can my spouse join me for the post-event celebration dinner? Absolutely! All golfers may bring one guest for the dinner.
Where does the money raised in the marathon go? Net proceeds for this inaugural event will be split 50/50 between The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and UMPS CARE Charities.

About bdda5217ff992507b91a995db1bc30a3 and Fundraising

What is the difference between the Golfer bdda5217ff992507b91a995db1bc30a3 Form and the Pledge Partner bdda5217ff992507b91a995db1bc30a3 Form? The Golfer bdda5217ff992507b91a995db1bc30a3 Form is to be filled out by those who will raise $2,500+ and play golf at the event. The Pledge Partner bdda5217ff992507b91a995db1bc30a3 Form is to be filled out by non-players who wish to raise $1,000+ and attend the post-event celebration.
How does a golfer raise $2,500 in pledges? We assist by providing a personal Web page for you that allows people to make credit-card donations in support of your efforts. We also provide sample E-mail and letter templates that explain the cause and the event.
I do not golf or I’m unable to play on the date of the event. How can I help? Serve as a Pledge Partner for the event. Pledge Partners receive a personal Web page and raise funds just like the golfers do. Each Pledge Partner is asked to raise a minimum of $1,000 and is invited to attend the post-event celebration.
When will my personal Web page be ready? UMPS CARE Charities will create your page within 3 days of processing your registration.
Two organizations benefit from this event. What organization is managing the event and to what organization do my supporters make donations out to? UMPS CARE Charities is managing the event so personal check donations will be made out to “UMPS CARE Charities”. “UMPS CARE Charities” will appear on credit card statements for supporters who donate by credit card. UMPS CARE Charities will submit payment for ˝ of net proceeds to The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption shortly after the event.
Are donations tax-deductible? Yes – UMPS CARE Charities is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 20-5465714. All donors making credit card donations on your personal fundraising Web page will receive a tax-receipt by E-mail. All donors making personal check donations of $100 or more will receive a tax-receipt. Donors making personal check donations of less than $100 may also request a tax-receipt. Tax receipts will be mailed approximately four weeks after the event.
What is the deadline for reaching my fundraising goal? We ask that you work to meet your minimum fundraising goal by Monday, August 3.
What if I don't raise $2,500? We ask for your best effort. However, if you don't feel you can raise at least $2,000, we would ask that you leave the spot open to someone else who may be in a better position to meet the goal and play.

Fundraising and Your Personal Web Page

We ask each golfer to encourage family, friends and co-workers to partner by contributing financial support. Each golfer’s goal is to raise $2,500 by collecting pledges. Although not an easy task, it is one that can be achieved with some hard work and passion for this important cause.
Here’s one approach to reach your goal: Recruit...
  • 16 people to pledge $25
  • 22 people to pledge $50
  • 10 people to pledge $100
A few days after you register for the event, UMPS CARE Charities will set up your personal Web page. Your personal Web page allows friends, family members, and business contacts to make credit-card donations in support of your effort. You will be notified by E-mail when your page is ready.
Click the Sponsor a Golfer tab above to see what your personal page will look like.
Personal Fundraising Page Features:
  • Personal message about the event and your effort,
  • Fundraising progress bar,
  • A ‘Sponsor Me Now’ button for supporters to make secure credit card donations,
  • A link to a PDF pledge form for supporters to print and mail personal check donations *,
  • Name, date, amount, and comments from supporters who have donated on your page.

* UMPS CARE Charities will update your page to reflect all donations received by personal check. You will be notified by E-mail.